An authentic experience among the olive trees
of Puglia just a few steps from the sea.

A place out of time, immersed in the Apulian countryside among olive trees and citrus groves.

In the heart of Puglia, Masseria Ancella offers hospitality and culinary delights.
The vegetable garden near the kitchen, the wine-based spa and the tastefully furnished trulli make it the ideal place for a break or a special event.

An enchanting garden immediately reveals all the splendor of Masseria Ancella.

The swimming pool surrounded by a patio equipped with comfortable sofas and seats invites guests to moments of pure relaxation under the blue sky.

The lawn, nestled under majestic centuries-old olive trees, offers a space to walk or simply enjoy the tranquility of the environment, immersed in the sound of the wind among the leaves and the inebriating aroma of the earth and nature.

The suites, the restaurant and the SPA do the rest, completing the stay experience with a perfect balance between rural elegance and modern comfort.

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