Between the vegetable garden and kitchen:
the essence of Apulian tradition

Every morning our chef carefully picks the best fruits from our garden and accompanies them with a meticulous selection of seasonal vegetables that we purchase from our local farmer friends.

Our Masseria is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and a long avenue of citrus groves, overlooked by the rooms and historic trulli. Behind the structure there is our vegetable garden.

A privilege.

Commitment, dedication and passion in caring for
products we grow, with full respect for the territory, are our way
to preserve the flavors and authenticity of the traditional dishes of the cuisine of
a time before.

With each of our dishes we want to give sensations
unique, as only Apulian cuisine can do.

The restaurant
wine cellar

We have a passion for wines. We like to offer a good glass to the customers of our restaurant, but also to guests who reside in the Masseria, on warm summer evenings by the pool or in the warmth of our internal spaces on cold winter evenings.

Our family has always cultivated solid roots of collaboration with the most renowned wineries in Puglia. It is precisely from this long experience of professional collaborations that our selection of wines comes, which is a journey through the most authentic flavors and aromas of Puglia.

Each bottle is the result of meticulous research: from the robust and full-bodied reds, perfect companions to the rich dishes of the local cuisine, to the fresh and aromatic whites, ideal for accompanying light appetizers and fish dishes.